The ability to set and achieve goals is an important life skill that can be learned through martial arts training. Taekwondo is an ideal method for honing focus, concentration, and persistence. Further, our system of earning belts provides motivation for working systematically and consistently to achieve goals.

Easy Goal-Setting

In our previous post, we discussed choosing one-word as a focal point for the year. Did you choose a focus word to set the tone for the decade? Have you taken action to bring your goal, focus, or intention into your life?

While Big Days (New Year’s Day, birthdays, Mondays) lend themselves to setting goals and starting projects, any day can be a great day to begin working toward a goal. There are many ways to set a goal, but a one-word goal can be a great motivator to keep us on track.

For example, if I choose STRONG as my one-word goal or focus, it helps me remember what I want: to be strong in body, mind, and spirit. But knowing that I want to be strong is not enough. I need to take action to make my goals and intentions, my reality.

Life Skills Learned in Taekwondo Classes in Novi, MI

At some point, everyone gets tired, discouraged, and takes a hit–either literally or metaphorically. And it’s okay to fall down. However, it is also important to get up and keep going. The difference between success and failure is taking action–over and over and over. That’s something we do in every martial arts class. By committing to a program, we develop the discipline, focus, and persistence needed to achieve martial arts goals and life goals.

Students may start Taekwondo training at any age–and experience the benefits at every age. By improving self-confidence and self-control, rehearsing martial arts techniques, and developing physical fitness, martial artists become more stronger, smarter, and more efficient, converting personal dreams into life-changing realities.