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Studio Rules and Taekwondo Etiquette

Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Rules 101


  • Please arrive on time for class. (5 minutes before class start time is perfect)
  • Children Must Wear Uniforms to Class
    • Children must be wearing a uniform and belt to receive the stripes required to advance to the next belt.
    • From Memorial Day to Labor Day, students may wear an Akula t-shirt in lieu of the uniform top. Only Akula t-shirts are considered part of the uniform. 
    • It’s always ok to wear the full uniform.
  • Hang jackets and put shoes in shoe cubbies.
  • Sign in on the tablet at the mat entrance.
  • Once the mat is clear for your class, bow on and find your spot.
  • If you are late for class:
    • Sign In to class, then wait quietly at the mat entrance.
    • Once an instructor gives you a signal to come onto the mat, bow onto the mat and join class.
  • Fingernails and toenails should be clipped, and hands and feet should be clean.
  • If your child is ill, please keep them at home.


  • Do not wear jewelry of any kind to class.
  • Do not wear jeans, sweat pants, or other clothing under your uniform.
  • Do not eat or drink in the studio. Only water is allowed.
  • No shoes on the mat. 


  • Please do not attempt to communicate with your child during class. It is distracting to the students and instructors.
  • Be quiet in the lobby. No phone conversations in the studio.
  • Do not leave children unattended in the lobby. We are not responsible for children who are not in class.
  • Please pick up your child promptly after class. 

If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please ask in the office.

How to Tie a Taekwondo Belt


Questions Before Enrolling

Can I schedule a trial class for my child?

Yes. We require all students to come for an Introductory Lesson before joining group classes. This prepares them for joining the group and creates the best experience for everyone. To schedule an appointment, please fill out our contact form. We will text you soon. 

What should my child wear to their trial class?

Comfortable athletic clothing. In summer, shorts and a t-shirt. If it’s cooler outside, leggings or track pants and a t-shirt.

Do they need special shoes?

Our students do not wear shoes on our training mat. Working barefoot is great for improving balance and movement and strengthens the ankles.

Questions from Students and Parents

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

Yes. We wear traditional Taekwondo uniforms (called dobak) in our martial art classes. The uniform prepares the student mentally for class, keeps them focused, and instills pride.

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