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Our Instructors

The instructors at Akula Taekwondo are outstanding martial artists and highly skilled motivators. They lead by example and teach with patience and enthusiasm, combining respectful discipline with a friendly, hands-on approach.

All of our instructors are committed to helping students obtain the maximum benefit from martial arts training.

Mr. Joseph Tegler

Mr. Joseph Tegler is a 3rd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo (Kukkiwon), a 2nd degree blackbelt in Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate), and the founder of Akula Taekwondo.

Mr. Tegler has been training in Taekwondo for a decade. He participated in tournaments throughout the Midwest and across the country. One year, at Michigan State Championships, he was the gold medalist in all categories: forms, sparring, and board breaking. He has also medalled at the international level and was ranked third in the country for his division, achieving the distinction of All American Athlete.

Through Taekwondo training, Mr. Tegler developed leadership skills and confidence, learned to appreciate discipline, courtesy, and perseverance, gained an understanding of the value of self-control and integrity, and attained an indomitable spirit. It is his goal and mission to inspire his students to do the same.

Mr. Ariyan Singh

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Mr. Andrew Shafer

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Owner/Head Instructor

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