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Akula’s Taekwondo curriculum focuses on traditional martial arts training philosophies, balanced with modern fitness principles. We encourage students to become true martial artists through lifestyle changes and long-term commitment.


Poomsae (Form) is an essential part of Akula’s Taekwondo curriculum. When students learn forms, they execute a systematic, prearranged sequence of martial techniques. Thus, our students develop proper movements, as well as mental and physical fortitude. Poomsae choreographed kicks, blocks, and hand techniques are precise and controlled. In this way, Taekwondo students develop concentration, balance, precision, power, speed, and agility.


Sparring is the practical application of kicks, punches, and blocks against an opponent in a controlled, safe environment. An integral part of Akula’s Taekwondo curriculum, sparring improves reaction and reflexes, develops fitness and cardiovascular ability, and builds confidence.

All sparring at Akula Taekwondo is performed with the student’s level of experience and training in mind. Safe practices are maintained and safety equipment is required.


Weapons training is incorporated into Akula’s curriculum to add variety and expand martial arts skills. Because the weapons used are powered by the human body, enhanced wrist flexibility, muscle strength, core stability, tendon strength, dexterity, balance, body positioning, and coordination result.


Board breaking in our martial arts curriculum builds mental power, concentration, and speed–demonstrated on a material object. Thus, Board Breaking may be considered a form of martial arts target practice. Students must focus on a specific point with full power, utilizing technique and power.


Physical fitness is both a foundation and byproduct of martial arts training. Therefore, fitness training is a necessary part of our classes. Every aspect of training builds strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, thus leading to improvements in physical and mental health.


When it comes to self-defense, learning martial arts is one of the smartest things you can do. We teach safe and proven effective responses attacks. Students become proficient at responding to a variety of attacks, and applying the most simple, direct, and effective combination of techniques at the right moment.

Taekwondo is an amazing, life-enhancing practice! Thinking about trying it out?

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