Novi-Area Taekwondo Schedule

All classes are at 28287 Beck Rd., Suite D13 in Wixom. (Just north of I-96 in the same complex as Pump It Up.)

Why do we divide classes by age and belt rank?

How students learn is just as important as what students are learning. Our classes are designed to meet the needs of various ages and skill levels. 

Five and six-year-olds learn very differently from seven to ten-year-olds. And older kids and adults also have their own learning styles and paces. Further, beginner students have different needs from students who have been training for a year–who have different needs and abilities from students who have been training for 5 years or more. By dividing classes by age and belt rank, we ensure that students are in the proper learning group based on their personal level of development.

Martial Arts Classes

Taekwondo Class Descriptions

Little Kickers

A fun, active, educational activity for young children (ages 5-6 ).

Kids learn Taekwondo (Karate) moves and skills. Classes are designed to be fun, skill-building, and instill an “I can do it!” attitude.

Balance – Coordination – Respect – Following Instructions

White and Yellow Belt Class

A fundamentals class for school-aged kids (ages 7-15) .

A class designed for children new to our program to learn the fundamental skills of Taekwondo.

Introduction to Kicks and Strikes – Taekwondo Fundamentals – Self-Defense  – Introductory Board-Breaking – Fitness

Orange Belt and Up

Skills development classes for students who have been training for a while and have a solid foundation of fundamental skills (ages 7-adult). This includes students at the orange, green, blue, brown belts, senior brown, red, senior red, bodan, and black belt ranks.

Poomsae – Kicks and Strikes – Self-Defense – Board-Breaking – Introduction to Sparring

Adults and TeensWoman in white uniform high-fives her instructor at Akula Taekwondo in Michigan

A class for students ages 16+ to develop strength, flexibility, and physical fitness through traditional Taekwondo practice.

Kicks and Strikes – Poomsae – Self-Defense – Board-Breaking – Sparring – Weapons

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