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Martial Arts Programs by Age

Taekwondo Class Descriptions

Little Kickers

A fun, active, educational activity for young children (ages 4-6 ).

Kids learn Taekwondo (Karate) moves and skills.

Balance – Coordination – Respect – Following Instructions





White Belts and Yellow Belts.

A fundamentals class for school-aged kids (ages 7-12) .

Introduction to Kicks and Strikes – Taekwondo Fundamentals – Self-Defense – Introductory Board-Breaking – Fitness




Intermediate & Advanced

Skills development classes for orange, green, blue, brown belts, senior brown, red, senior red, bodan, and black belts (ages 7-12).

Poomsae – Kicks and Strikes – Self-Defense – Board-Breaking – Introduction to Sparring



Adults and Teens

A class for students ages 13+ to develop strength, flexibility, and physical fitness through traditional Taekwondo practice.

Kicks and Strikes – Poomsae – Self-Defense – Board-Breaking – Sparring – Weapons

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