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Martial artists often generate an impressive and intimidating shout when throwing a kick or strike. In Taekwondo, we call this sound a kihap (sometimes spelled kihup, kiai, or kyup). Yelling forces us to exhale, removing air from our diaphragms and bringing more power and speed to our attacks. It also forces a subsequent inhale, which brings oxygen into our bodies. In tournaments, the powerful yell helps judges to recognize when a strike is landed.  

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Published: May 11, 2020

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Taekwondo is a Korean Martial art, now practiced around the world–including at Akula Taekwondo in Novi, Michigan. Learning Korean terminology as part of Taekwondo practice enhances the students’ study of this Martial Art. Incorporating Korean words and philosophy is also provides an opportunity for learning some history and culture. This is another way that Taekwondo training engages body and mind.

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New Year’s Day less than two weeks away. And this January 1st begins not only a new year, but also a new decade — making NOW a perfect time to THINK BIG and lay out of plan for whom we want to be in the 2020s. Here’s the thing though. While most of us will wake up on January 1 with a renewed determination to make 2020 our best year yet, waaayyyy over half of us will quit our resolutions by the end of the month. So if resolutions seldom work AND we want to make big changes, what’s the solution?

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