New Year’s Day less than two weeks away. And this January 1st begins not only a new year, but also a new decade — making NOW a perfect time to THINK BIG and lay out of plan for whom we want to be in the 2020s.

Here’s the thing though. While most of us will wake up on January 1 with a renewed determination to make 2020 our best year yet, waaayyyy over half of us will quit our resolutions by the end of the month. 

So if resolutions seldom work AND we want to make big changes, what’s the solution?

Set a One-Word Goal — and Take Action. 

You can think this through and analyze it. Or, perhaps a word jumped into your mind as soon as you read “one-word goal.”

Whether your word came to you immediately, or you chose it after careful analysis, you recognize it as yours. It might feel just right — but it may also feel a bit scary, leaving you with a sense of “I can’t be that.” It’s okay to stretch! Let your One-Word Goal set the tone for the year — and beyond.

Tone Set. Now what?

Many people have difficulty keeping the motivation and focus they need to achieve their goals, be they fitness milestones, school success, work targets, or personal dreams. Martial Arts Practice is an excellent be a tool for developing the focus and discipline to getting things done.

Martial Arts improve our lives in every aspect. By honing fitness and focus, building self-confidence and discipline, and developing speed and smarts, martial arts training transforms lives in a positive way. Training at Akula Taekwondo will build foundational skills that will set you up to achieve you new year’s goal and create a better life.

If your goal for 2020 (for yourself or your child) includes being STRONG, FAST, or FOCUSED, if you dream of being CONFIDENT, DISCIPLINED, and SUPER-FIT, join us on the mat at Akula Taekwondo in Novi, Michigan. With energetic instructors and a supportive community, showing up to make your resolution reality will become the highlight of your week.

We’re close to Farmington Hills, Farmington, Northville, Walled Lake, Wixom, and South Lyon. We welcome students from all surrounding areas, and hope to see you on the mat in January 2020.